ATA Unlocking

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Note that most of my unlocking methods require the use of JTAG and serial console cables. Therefore you will be required to open the case of your ATA and in some cases do some soldering.
If you are here looking for instructions for unlocking a PAP2, PAP2T or SPA adapter, please read this page.

Motorola VT1005

Netgear WGR613V

Linksys RT31P2-AL

Linksys RTP300 and WRTP54G

Linksys PAP2 v2

Vonage V-Phone

Motorola VT2142,VT2442 and VT2542

D-Link VTA, D-Link VWR

Vonage V-Portal (VDV21,VDV22)

VTech IP8100

Telco AC-211

Mediatrix 2102

BasicTalk HT701


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